Food Inspired Miniature Jewelry Collection

These amazing food inspired jewelry design from  AllartsKitchen . They sell these creative food inspired rings, earrings necklesses via etsy...

These amazing food inspired jewelry design from AllartsKitchen. They sell these creative food inspired rings, earrings necklesses via etsy. If you enjoyed our previous collection of food inspired jewelry, you will like this as well. These jewelry inspired by mostly the biscuits, tea cups and cookies. You can always buy any of these jewelry at AllartsKitchen via etsy. Further, this can be another great valentines day gift for your love ones.

Miniature Food Earrings: Bread and Cherry Jam Jar

Miniature Food Earrings: Cherry Jam Heart Cookie Dangle

Tea Cup Necklace, with Miniature Teapot and Cookies on Red Polka Dots Doily Double Pendant

Miniature Food: Cherry Jam Cookie Adjustable Ring

Miniature Food Jewelry: Ring With Pink Chocolate Cup

Tea Cup Ring in White, with Miniature Cookies on a Sweet Lace Doily - Miniature Food
Miniature Crepes Ring in Red and Purple Polka Dots

Miniature Food Ring: Light Blue Espresso Coffee Cup with Cookies and Sugar Cubes

Food Ring: Miniature Coffee Mug and Chocolate Heart Cookies

Miniature Food: Bread and Cherry Jam Jar Necklace

Dollhouse Miniature Food, Strawberry Crepes 1:12 Scale
Miniature Food Jewelry: Milk Mug and Chocolate Cream Puff - Profiteroles Necklace

Miniature Teapot, Tea Cup and Cookies on Pink Polka Dot Doily Double Pendant Necklace
Charm Necklace Tiny Glass Jar Filled with Hearts

Miniature Food Ring: Italian Pastries and Hot Chocolate Cup on a Tiny Lace Doily

Kawaii Food Jewelry: Miniature Strawberry Jam Crepes and Red Polka Dots Napkin Adjustable Ring

Charm Necklace with Coffee Cup, Miniature Cookies and Coffee Pot on Polka Dot Doily, Miniature Food Double Pendant

Miniature Food: Chocolate Puff - Profiteroles Cuff Links

Biscuit and Sugar Cube Necklace

Miniature Food Necklace: Cherry Jam Heart Cookie


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