Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot for healthy life

Adults and young people do not maintain good balance between their body and food. This will really gonna be a problem in the near future. Th...

Adults and young people do not maintain good balance between their body and food. This will really gonna be a problem in the near future. There are solutions that promise you instant result, however nothing beats the strong will to have a healthy lifestyle. You will need a trainer that help you to control and correct your bad behaviors, give you the courage to keep your exercise routine to stay healthy and fit. Massimo Battaglia has come up with interesting scenario for the year of 2020 whereobesity in developed countries would still be a big issue. Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot Concept presented at ICSR 2011 design award and it drew attention from many practitioners.
Due to technology advance in the near future, we can have long lasting battery power and hence, Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot stays with you, 24 hours a day to teach you how to take a good care of yourself, on both food and physical side.

Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot will encourage you to do physical activity, tracks your health record to tailor a physical activity program that suit you best and this robot will show you how to do the exercise properly. This robot is more than just your personal trainer, Gymbot evaluates your pulse and health in real time to prevent any undue stress.

Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot has the ability to quantify your progress and is able to understand what and how much you should eat in order to give advice on proper diet. This robot is an innovative approach to prevent many health issues, it can help you to tackle your laziness, it corrects your bad habits.
Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot technical description:
Gymbot is a humanoid robot with articulated joints that mimics any human movement with ease, speed and precision. Behind its helmet-viewer there’s a 3D video camera with scanner function and thermal camera. Using a directional microphone, this robot can measure heart rate, and consequently blood pressure.

Fat mass index is calculated using two sensors of electrical impedance present on the hands of Gymbot. On the chest there is a touchscreen through which Gymbot can show the exercises to be performed, the results achieved and whatever else you want.

Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot is voice activated and can interact smoothly in different languages. It has a dynamic design to evoke its function of personal trainer, the humanoid form was an obvious choice because Gymbot must be able to perform any movement when accompanies the user during exercises.

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