Casa Playa Las Lomas I-05: House at the top of a rocky ledge a beach in Peru

The Casa PLaya Las Lomas  I-05  by   Vértice  Architects   in Cerro Azul,  located on top of a rocky ledge a beach in Peru. This unique hou...

The Casa PLaya Las Lomas I-05 by Vértice Architects in Cerro Azul, located on top of a rocky ledge a beach in Peru. This unique house design includes cantilevers that float over the sand as they protrude over the rocky base. The predominantly white structure allows for  180° view to the Pacific Ocean to the south, and a panoramic view of the beach to the east and to the north from the master bedroom as well as the common social areas of the home. Main features of this house is the floating pool with a glass wall that allows people on the beach to see inside the pool as well as enabling pool swimmers to view the ocean from an underwater perspective. Two parallel volumes were designed, to accomplish the first objective, one of which leans on the other, which is 1.20 meters higher, to have the view of the sea. The volumes are joined by a main circulation axis which ends in a swimming pool overlooking the beach.[via contemporist, Beautifullife, Thecoolist]


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