Getting 100% FREE Internet On DSL Internet Can Never Be Easy!

There are dozens of videos on YouTube and other social networks claiming to teach you ways of activating free internet on your mobile phones...

There are dozens of videos on YouTube and other social networks claiming to teach you ways of activating free internet on your mobile phones or from one of the DSL internet providers. Let’s make one thing clear; the fact is that that this cannot be done just because it simply isn’t possible. All those videos are just meant to dupe you. Many people realize it while others don’t and get furious about it. Most of these videos have been made viral as a joke to fool people into trying something that isn’t possible and laughing at the fact that we all desperately want free stuff all the time! The hits on these videos are proof enough that we all are always searching for free stuff on the internet. Now that it is settled that you cannot get 100% free internet on your DSL internet connection or otherwise, let’s see what you can get other than subscribing to a mobile package or one of the DSL internet providers.

Apart from subscribing to any of the broadband packages, these days they are also offering high speed internet with digital television and telephony services in bundles. DSL internet providers also use fiber optic technology which enables us to enjoy mind boggling download and upload speeds for our home or business needs combined with communications and entertainment.

DSL internet providers offer a range of tariffs for their customers to choose from based on their internet needs of speed and data transfers. Many providers have set data caps at downloading limits like 1GB, 2GB, 4Gb, etc. and divided these into various internet packages. This might sound prohibitive but it is actually good for the customer because they can pay for their usage, allowing providers to offer cheaper packages. Now there is no dispute about the providers charging us for a standard connection and we never receive the speed we paid for. With data caps, providers control the data and we get what we pay for.

DSL internet providers have gone as far to make their websites different for every state. So that when you enter your zip code, the best tariffs in your area are the only ones shown. This makes it easier for you to choose the packages that are available in your area and suggestions are made based on the spending habits of the people living in your area.

That’s not it, broadband providers provide us with tons of devices that come within the packages. The latest advent in fiber optic services has made it possible to have high speed internet connections at our office and home at affordable rates.

Once the fiber optic internet connection was quite expensive, but it is now quite affordable thanks to packages and data caps. And you can make your fiber optic connection wireless and enjoy these fast browsing speeds on your smartphone, laptop and tablet just by attaching a wireless router to the connection. Maybe that’s what they meant when they were talking about 100% free internet, hack into your neighbor’s wireless network broadcast and enjoy free internet!

There are plenty of affordable and amazing packages from DSL internet providers for residential clients as well that offer you downloading speeds that you would think were only achievable if you were right in their headquarters. But now we can get excellent downloading as well as uploading speeds from any of these broadband providers.

DSL internet providers have basically divided their services in two main parts. One is in the form of high speed broadband connection and the other is the fiber optic based internet connection. The broadband connection does offer great speed and connectivity and it is ideal for residential customers. On the other hand fiber optic internet connection offers speeds way beyond what the broadband connection offers and is an ideal choice for those with excessive data transferring needs.

Getting a completely free DSL internet connection can never be free unless maybe you are going to resort to hacking in someone’s connections. Of course, you should avoid this act at all costs because it constitutes as theft. So beware of pranksters trying to fool you and waste your time by making you try completely useless methods that won’t help you get a 100% free internet connection.

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