Razer Tron Gaming Keyboard with Razer Hyperesponse Technology and Detachable Keypad

I hope you remeber the movie TRON. We have already shown you Tron car , phone , LED phone , Bike and Dock . Here comes Razer TRON Gaming ke...

I hope you remeber the movie TRON. We have already shown you Tron car, phone, LED phone, Bike and Dock. Here comes Razer TRON Gaming keyboard which features cool Rez and Derez lighting effects during startup and shutdown. It comes to life with authentic light and sound effects, it reacts based on your action on the Game Grid. This fully illuminated keyboard designed by Razer is one of essential tools that you need to rule the Game Grid especially the fully programmable keys on detachable keypad that boasts macro capabilities to turn this futuristic keyboard into a Recognizer capturing you in the universe of TRON. [Buy Here]

You can attach the keypad of Razer TRON Gaming keyboard on either side of the main keyboard, in this way, you can control optimal desktop space efficiency. Thank you to Razer Hyperesponse technology, the flat slim keycaps of the chiclet keyboard provides a short travel distance for instant activation of commands.

Although this keyboard is made from plastic, it doesn’t feel like a toy or cheap made product. The plastic is pretty thick and smooth, it feels solid and durable, but you can tell from the pictures that this keyboard is pretty wide, therefore, the keys are further apart from each other compared to your standard keyboard. For someone with big hands, it won’t be a problem, but for others, it might need a little adjustment, but in the end, you’ll feel comfortable using it. 


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