5 Cool Android Apps you should check out Now!

On Google Play, you can find thousands of apps for your Android handsets. Android is the most flexible operating system in accepting apps fr...

On Google Play, you can find thousands of apps for your Android handsets. Android is the most flexible operating system in accepting apps from third party developers. Unlike Apple's closed market policy, Google's open source approach brings more apps to the Android platform. That is why Android users are lucky to quickly get apps for everything at all. Here are five cool Android apps for your gadgets.

ChompSMS is a dedicated third party SMS app for Android devices. The SMS software behaves like a chat client as it features chat-style contacts images, bubbles and much more. The app is known for its increased customization and other easy-to-use features. ChompSMS will superbly act as an alternative for the integrated Messaging application. Through the service you can send texts so like you do it using the built-in SMS app of the phone.
The Android application of Foursquare, an amusing location-based social network, is a great way for people to see what their friends are doing. The location-based social media site also acts as a gaming platform. Users can check into locations to earn various badges and scores towards your town’s leaderboard. Many other interesting features make the Foursquare a great application for Android devices.

 Google Reader 
Google Reader is a full-fledged Android app to let you read RSS feeds and other Web pages on Android devices. The app has enhanced options to let you go through contents in an easier way. The software also touts features like offline reading, volume capability to navigate through the feeds. It is one of the coolest Android apps today with lots of people downloading it to read news, articles, features and other forms of write-ups.
Babbler is a Facebook management app for Android devices. The app will let you see updates on your friends’ walls, news feeds, comments and anything like that. Babbler combines all these details for the better and instant viewing of the Facebook users. You can also write comments, updates statues, write on walls and go through your friends’ profiles on the app. Well, you can further access to tagged photos and image galleries and share links from YouTube and galleries and others.

Zedge is an app that will help you keep your Android devices clean and neat always. The app is the best pick that you can find to customize your Android-based products. Using the app, you can easily change the background images on the home screen to any image you wish to. As well, you can set different ringtones and images for each contact.

These five cool Android apps will make your experience with the Android-based phones and tablets highly rich and interesting. Android users can download these apps for free of cost from Google Play. They will do many brilliant functions for you. Thousands of other apps are available for Android devices on the web. However, these five items should do something interesting for you. 

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