World's Biggest Giant Vegetables

We have already shared largest things in the world and also the  smallest things in the world . This time we found some vegetables seems ...

We have already shared largest things in the world and also the smallest things in the world. This time we found some vegetables seems to be giant. Most of these vegetables got world record and they are relatively very huge when compare to normal vegetables. If you are calling yourself a good farmer, try growing some of these..

On September 28, history was made in Topsfield, Massachusetts, when a 2,009-lb. pumpkin took the world record for most giant of its kind. The previous record holder, a 1,843-lb. behemoth from New Hampshire, lost its title by more than 160 lb. [Read More]
Weightlifter Jonathan Walker prepares to lift a marrow weighing 119lbs 12oz (54.3kg) above his head after it won the Giant Marrow Class in the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. The marrow was grown by Peter Glazebrook from Newark who took six first prize awards in the Giant Vegetable classes at the show. [Read More]
The largest potato to be grown weight 18 pounds and four ounces. That’s more than twice the size of a typical newborn baby. This giant potato is in the Guinness Book of World Records. I think that this farmer is very happy![Read More]
Well, luuux says the first one is the biggest carrot and neatorama says the second one. See it yourself and decide!

Giant vegetable grower Peter Glazebrook kisses his world record onion. It weighed in at 18lbs 1oz (8.16kg), beating his previous world record by almost two ounces. He won all six classes in the giant vegetable competition during the show at The Great Yorkshire Showground. [Read More]
Weighs 81lb 6oz (36.74kg) [Read More]
According to the information from jackstin, this is really the largest one in the world.
Sweet Potato
Cultivated by Lebanese farmer Khalil Semhat, city of tyre, this massive sweet potato has been awarded with the recognition of being called the world's single largest potato at a weight of 24.9 pounds. [Read More]
82.9-pound rutabaga grown by Scott Robb [Read More]
Additions [29-11-2014]
A deaf nine-year-old schoolgirl learned to grow enormous leeks and onions by spending time in the garden with her grandfather John Smith. [Read More]
This isn't really a vegetable but falls under the category, huge mushrooms grown in China. [Read more]
Heaviest Swede
Rapper Snoop Dogg, who prefers to be known as Snoop Lion, congratulated a giant vegetable grower on breaking his own previously set Guinness World Record for heaviest swede. [Read More]


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