20 Simple and Minimal Wallet Designs

Traditional way of carrying everything in the wallet is passed away. Due to the technological advancement, most of our contacts and other i...

Traditional way of carrying everything in the wallet is passed away. Due to the technological advancement, most of our contacts and other information are now carried electronically that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. So, whats the point of having a bulky wallet when you don't have many things to carry? That's the reason why we have collected twenty simple and minimal wallet designs that fits to your modern lifestyle. Have a look!
KARD mini wallet
Mini leather wallet is slim and tailor-made for bank notes / credit cards / business cards. Features fine grain leather, completely hand-stitched and handcrafted and available in Matt black with grey stitching colors [Read More]

Dizmio RFID Blocking Wallet
The Dizmio wallet protects against RFID skimming theft while organizing cash & cards in a slim, small, minimalist design. The Dizmio wallet has a unique shape with very specific and functional grooves. The shape of the Dizmio wallet provides a pleasant user experience. [Read More]

Black designer Magic Wallet
Minimal leather wallet comes with money clip. One side can be used for holding credit cards and the other side can be used for keeping money safely. [Read More]

Daycraft Moneywrap wallet
Say hi to The Moneywrap. The personal cash and card carrier for people who appreciate smart, small style. Simply place your card or cash and wrap it. Made with durable, replaceable elastic straps x 3 and genuine cowhide leather. [Read More]

KAVU Slot Machine Wallet

Double sided low profile wallet for the minimalist. Key ring and multiple credit card and ID slots. Great size when you only want the essentials. [Read More]

The Union Wallet
The Union Wallet is a minimalist wood wallet that carries your cards, cash, and small miscellaneous essentials in an elegant slim profile shell. It is designed as a slim alternative to leather, elastic, or metal wallets - with the look and feel only wood can bring. [Read More]

Wooden Minimalist Card X Wallet
X wallet is made of durable wood and rubber. Rubber link two plates between which you can put credit cards, bills, business cards. In addition, cards and bills can be put between the rubber and the plate. This useful wallet has three pockets. Wood is the material durable and resistant to scratches. Wallet is perfectly cut using laser and includes an additional discrete engraved logo. [Read More]

Crabby Wallet
simple and minimalist wallet that can hold almost everything that has to be kept in the wallet, as a result he has designed the 'Crabby Wallet'. Wallet is made with elastic and comes in range of colors. While allowing 10+ cards it can also hold your iPhone using 'card securing band' and you can hang your key using keyring loop. [Read More]

Double-snap Slim Leather Wallet
The double-snap Slim Leather Wallet is a comfy 3 slots slim wallet. You can carry your folded cash and your credit cards and IDs in your front jeans pocket without the discomfort of a big wallet. Handmade from genuine distressed brown leather, this slim duo-tone wallet makes a perfect fit for your jeans pockets. [Read More]

Simple Leather Wallet
Simple Wallet is a minimal and thinnest 'simple' wallet that fits over 20 credit cards and your cash. The wallet is simple and so is its design. Some of the highest quality leather is used to construct the Simple Wallet in the good ol’ US of A. The durable elastic cloth allows for the wallet to be heavily used without worry. [Read More]

Dash 2.0 Leather Wallet
Dash 2.0 wallet overcomes the problems associated with traditional wallets such as uncomfortable, messy, bulky and too traditional. Dash 2.0 features 3 compartments. 2 for cards; a quick draw slot, and a second compartment for carrying the rest of your cards and IDs; finally third compartment for the cash. [Read More]

Vegan bi-fold wallet
Vegan bi-fold wallet is up-cycled from used coffee bean sacks. All sacks are received from local New England coffee roasters. Handmade thin back pocket wallet is inter-webbed onto heavy duty cotton canvas lining, then securely surged along all edges. [Read More]

'Bantam' - Customizable Thinnest Leather Wallet
The Bantam Wallet is made from super tough kangaroo leather. It's durable, light and perfect for any sized pocket with the added benefit of RFID blocking to stop thieves scanning your credit cards or stealing your identity. At only 4mm thin, you'll love your minimalist Bantam Wallet every time you put it in your pocket. [Read More]

Slim Leather Baseball Stitch Wallet
Slim Leather Wallet Baseball Stitch is an original leather wallet designed as part of a unique leather collection with the thematic of the rustic baseball stitch. This wallet is handmade and hand-stitched from a single piece of premium brown leather, summing a total of 5 slots for large bills, ID cards and credit cards. [Read More]

The Ridge - Front Pocket Wallet
Aluminum and Titanium metal constructed wallet mixes old and new school without sacrificing functionality. Unlike traditional wallets, Ridge allows the user to hold as few or as many cards as they would like and provides easy access to cards and cash with the push of your finger. [Read More]

Mini LR wallet 1.0 
LR wallet 1.0 is made of rubber and eco leather. With the right combination of rubber and leather get as many as four pockets. LR wallet 1.0 despite the small size is very roomy and fits in any pocket or purse. [Read More]

Ainste - Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallets
The updated Evan wallet is a Metal Free RFID Blocking Wallet. Most RFID blocking wallets are a bother since they are made out of metal, but the Evan wallet sets you free from hurtful metal because it is made out of leather with a simple, unique design. Saffiano leather is highly resistant leather commonly used in high end fashion brands. As opposed to genuine leather, saffiano leather has distinctive makings in a series of diagonal lines. [Read More]

TGT (Tight) Wallet
TGT wallet is a soft minimalist wallet constructed of soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic. No more bulky stuffs and it fits to any pocket. [Read More]

Carhartt Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet
Carhartt Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet is a simple leather wallet with white straps. Intergrated money clip can also be useful to store cash. [Read More]

E8 - Modern Elastic Wallet
E8 wallet is made of rubber. With the right combination of rubber get as many as five pockets. 2 pockets for credit and business cards, 1 pocket for bills and 2 pockets for coins and memory cards. E8 wallet despite the small size is very roomy and fits in any pocket or purse. [Read More]


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