Dash 2.0 - Minimalist Leather Wallet Redesigned

Designer Steven Elliot 's Dash 2.0 wallet overcomes the problems associated with traditional wallets such as uncomfortable, messy, bulk...

Designer Steven Elliot's Dash 2.0 wallet overcomes the problems associated with traditional wallets such as uncomfortable, messy, bulky and too traditional. Dash 2.0 features 3 compartments. 2 for cards; a quick draw slot, and a second compartment for carrying the rest of your cards and IDs; finally third compartment for the cash. Features a new, more durable elastic made from recycled fibers. It stretches in any direction and complimented with a leather front side for a durable QuickDraw slot. This thinnest, minimal and fashionable wallet has a small square hole in the side that enables you to pop out the credit cards and swipe easily. Order here.


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  1. WOW, this slick little dude cleaned house and no one seemed to see it coming.

    He made a kick model of a minimal wallet, sewed up a mockup, created a well made video to make his pitch with cute little Asian boy-toy looks and has laughed all the way to the bank.

    His wallet was funded by three separate crowd funding programs at the same time with the exact same presentation: Kickstarter to the tune of $64,069; Indigo for $12,859; and finally Fundfeed for another $52,532. A total of $129,460! Then he has a cheap production of his great wallet made and sent to folks as their backing rewards. If you check on Kickstarter folks are complaining that it is so cheap that it starts failing in various ways, the color bleeds, the stitching comes undone, the fabric stretches and quickly looses its shape.

    Then he has the balls to thank everyone for their feedback on his shoddy product and promises that everything that he has learned will be used to improve the great wallet scam 2.0. And he has been funded with a second Kickstarter project to $76,020. And if you check out the comments, he didn't learn anything, he turned out just as crappy a wallet the second go around as the first. That's a grand total of $205,480 of backer funding for a crap wallet. He probably used no more than $50,000 to provide the sub-par pledge rewards for all the crowd funding programs and has walked away from it all with $150,000+ in his pocket. Not a bad take for minimal work over a years time.






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