50 Creative and Unique USB Flash Drive Ideas

Whether it's business or personal life, we need to carry or move data from one place to another, USB flash drives are meant for that. ...

Whether it's business or personal life, we need to carry or move data from one place to another, USB flash drives are meant for that. Most of us even use these drives to backup and store our data. USB flash drives are available in different sized ranging MB's to TB's. That's the reason why Pen drives are made to be comfort and convenient.

Thumb drives are now became one of the main marketing technique to attract the customer and to use as customer retention technique. Depend on the industry and the personal interest, designers come up with some truly amazing, creative and unique designs of USB devices.

There are thousands of flash drive designs available in the internet from which these caught our attention. We picked the designs considering the uniqueness, usability, comfort and availability to purchase. Hope you like it. Leave your feedback.

1. Stone USB Flash Drive
USB flash drive looks like a stone! It is an imitation of a stone from polymer clay. Good for people who loves nature and Eco things.

You can always carry a stone in your pocket or bag and only when you plug the flash drive to a computer, your friends will know it's a flash drive.

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2. Edison Light Bulb Shaped USB Flash Drive
Have a bright idea? Show it off on this new light bulb shaped USB drives. These lightweight and convenient key-chains attached thumb drives are perfect for companies in a variety of industries.

The flash drive comes with a twist-off cap to protect the USB drive from damage. You can place your logo and place the bulk order.

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3. Mini Cooper USB Flash Drive
Officially licensed Mini Cooper Mk1 car USB Flash Drive in black bodywork with white roof and bonnet stripes. Comes with transparent windows, rotatable wheels, and illuminating headlights.

The USB connector is cleverly concealed inside the boot of the car - on the base is a handle which will automatically open the car boot and slide out the USB connector.
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4. Steampunk USB Flash Drive
I love anything made to look like Steampunk. This USB Flash drive comes with $150 price tag, yet for me, it's a clever design which reflects the quality of the craftsmanship.

I would prefer to carry this drive in my office bag instead of regular USB flash drives available in the market.

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5. Hacked Ripped Cable USB Flash Drive
Somebody just went and tore my USB cable in half while it was still attached to my laptop! 

Don't you think that your friends will be amazed if you use this creative gadget? I can't guarantee the long life of this device because your friends will steal it out of love.

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6. Hammer Shaped USB Flash Drive
This isn't just a regular hammer you use in everyday life and it's a simple hammer design to hide the USB flash drive.

Keep out of reach of your Grand parents; specially if they are with low vision issues :). Size is relatively high but I would recommend it for its design and simplicity

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7. Thor’s Hammer USB drive
Thor’s Hammer USB drive is a cute tiny little addition to your computer accessories.

The USB link is embraced by a metallic shield that provides the characteristic of resistance against water and mechanical damages. Nearly, there is no one who hasn't watched Thor movie. Surely this will be an attention grabber.

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8. Nutella shaped USB flash drive
What is better than Nutella chocolate coated bread? This custom USB flash drive is all about Nutella but here the flash drive replaces the chocolate.

This beautiful little Nutella bottle doesn't carry the important nutrition rather it carries the important files from one place to another.

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9. Syringe Shaped USB Flash Drive
Another beautiful memory stick that reminds me of mind childhood where I hate doctors who suggest an injection as a cure.

With a ring at the bottom of the lipstick' it is not only a data memory but also a part of your keychain or a delicate decoration in your room.

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10. Film Roll USB Flash Drive
This film roll isn't for capturing images, but with the technology developments, it can store the images.

Each USB drive is handcrafted of re-purposed 35mm film cassette, and comes with a built-in name-brand flash memory to store your various digital content.

11. Coin Inspired flash Drive
This coin shaped metal USB flash drive reminds me of the history where people used Gold coins to buy products and services. But these coins are hiding your USB flash drive inside which you can carry conveniently.

Only bulk orders are allowed with your preferred customization.

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12. Empty Bottle with Cork USB Drive
USB flash drive is built within the cork and the small bottle works as a protective cover to the Cork USB flash drive. 

It would have been even nicer if the bottle is vine bottle shaped.

It will make a great gift to a man. Available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and even 64GBs. Price starts with $15

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13. Walkie Talkie Radio Shaped Flash Drive
This is one of our favorite design but we couldn't find a retail place where this walkie talkie is being sold. 

Promo Crunch sells PVC and rubber custom shaped flash drives and molded power bank portable battery charger to the wholesale customers.

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14. Gold Brick USB Thumb Drive
Plug a Gold brick to shock your friends. Make sure to protect it from thief with your life.

The color is very close to the real Gold and also it comes with a carry-able weight.

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15. USB Soda Can Flash Drives

The USB-stick shaped like a miniature soda can is very robust and has a fine screw-mechanism - so your data will be protected from dust or dirt. Equipped with a key ring, this can be attached to a bunch of keys anytime and therefore is available everywhere.

Unfortunately, no retail sale available. For bulk orders..

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16. Biscuit USB Drive
It's snack time! These Biscuit flash drives are so realistic and I feel like taking a bite.

It looks creative but don't leave it without supervision because I don't want your kids eating your flash drive.

Available 2GB to 64GB.

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17. Wood Pencil Shape USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive
Pencils are memories.. wood will bring you closer to the nature.. A wooden pencil will remind us the childhood and the school life.

This beautiful piece of pencil will always be with you as a USB memory stick. Price starts from $3.28.

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18. Cartoon Metal Pistol Gun Shape Pen Drive
If you want to hide your flash drive in the gun just like the bullets do, this will blow your mind.

Novelty metal gun shaped USB flash drive memory stick can be attached to your key chain or even fits to your pocket.

Available from 8GB to 64GB

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19. Cork USB Drive
Hand-crafted crystal flash drive. The Both the body and the cap is completely cork. When its closed, it looks like a whole piece of cork.

If your mom is cleaning the your room, let her know in advance that it's a USB drive, otherwise she might throw this.

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20. Battery Inspired USB Flash Drive
This life-like battery shaped USB Memory Stick looks so realistic. It's something that a user would want to show off. 

Your friends won't take the eyes-off from the battery that hangs on your key-chain.

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21. Pentode Radio Tube Steampunk USB Flash Drive
Steampunk style gadgets really add value to the geeks who really love the old stuff.

This piece contains High Quality SanDisk USB Flash Drive and the Radio vacuum tube which was made in USSR in 1981.

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22. Wine Bottle Shaped Custom USB Flash Drive
When we talk about the empty bottle cork drive, we wished for a Wine bottle shaped USB flash drive and here we go..

Promo Crunch sells PVC and rubber custom shaped flash drives and molded power bank portable battery charger to the wholesale customers.

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23. Golden Bullet USB flash drive
Although its your preference, you may want to carry a bullet instead of a gun.

This Golden bullet USB flash drive can be attached to your key chain and carried wherever you go.

If your friend loves bullets, this will make a great gift to him.

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24. Head Removing Robot USB Flash Drive
This little robot safeguards your precious USB flash drive in his head. If you ask him, he will simply remove the head and offer you the USB to use. Ones you are done with your works, simply secure it by putting back his head and bring him back to life.

When you put back his head, he will close his ears because he doesn't want to hear your chit-chats..

25. Thumb USB flash Drive
Yeah! it's creepy to carry a thumb with you but isn't it cool when people discover it's really a USB flash drive?

How about when it;s plugged to the laptop in a coffee shop?

Buy this for your creepy and weirdo friends who loves such stuff.

26. Metal Wrench USB Flash Drive
It's a Bond movie and your role is a mechanic who has to smuggle a USB flash drive.

Your friends won't even recognize it's a USB flash drive. Amaze them with this metal wrench style flash drive.

27. Nikon Camera Shaped USB Flash Drive
I don't even want you to like it. If you have a friend who loves photography, simply gift this and he will love the novelty of this.

Size seems to be slightly high for a USB thumb drive but when look at the overall customer reviews, this seems to be a great purchasing decision.

28. Hand Grenade USB Drive
It looks like a real grenade but is small and handy with it. Comes with secure strap and small posh bag to keep it in. 

Definitely a great buy for anyone. Looking at it you will never guess it's a memo stick!

29. Shell Oil Barrel USB Flash Drive
This is one of my favorites.. The color, the barrel shape and Shell logo are perfectly carved. It also has a key chain attachment.

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30. Wooden USB Flash Drive
We love wooden stuff because it will let us feel like we are so close to the nature even while working on their gizmos.

The catchy is the USB drive has branches. And when it is attached to the computer, it really looks cool.

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31. USB flash Drive with Mechanical Combination Lock
This USB Flash drive isn't hardware encrypted but it comes with some kind of Mechanical combination lock that can still protect your Flash drive. So the only those who know the password can use it.

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32. Pill shaped USB Flash Drive
The Pill USB Memory Stick is called the pill for obvious reasons. It's shape makes it an ideal promotional item for the medical industry but it's equally at home with any company logo printed onto it.

It'll make a great gift to your friends if you are working in medical industry.

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33. Fire Extinguisher Flash Drive
'Memory Extinguisher' can extinguish all your valuable files inn safely.

This design is unique and creative. Instead of pressing the handle, simply open it and plug to the computer.

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34. Water Tap USB Flash Drive
If you need water, you have to turn the tap. But this old style tap won't give you water, instead, it'll be a great looking unique flash drive for you.

How it'll look when you plug it to the computer? Amazing isn't it?

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35. The Key Custom USB Flash Drive
USB flash drive is a cool gift that you can give to your clients. But we can never keep one USB flash drive forever, because it can easily be lost.

This drive is a simply another key which you can always be kept among the other keys connected to your key-chain.

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36. Condom Inspired Flash Drive
This little pack of Condom will attract attention wherever you go. 

This is a weird but funny little drive, only problem is when using it on the laptop the condom wrapping part will cover other usb ports.

37. Chewing Gum USB
It is usual to carry a Chewing Gum in the pocket. If you carry this flash drive, no one will notice whether it's really a flash drive.

unfortunately, this is not for sale. This can be done by yourself. Step-by-step instructions are available.

38. Car Key USB Flash Drive
You don't really need to have a Mercedes-Benz parked outside to have this car key attached to your key chain.

You can be a proud owner of a Mercedes without really having one. And it'll be a safe place for your flash drive to hide.

39. Claqueta Cine USB Flash Drive
This pen-drive will be the perfect gift for all lovers of the seventh art, a symbol of cinema where you can store music, photos, files and more.

It measures 5 cm of height, 4.5 cm of width and its material is of silicone of high resistance.

40. White King Chess USB Drive
Chess players and fans will never say 'never' if they get this Chess king shaped USB flash drive.

No one will notice, unless when you plug it to your device. 

41. Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer
But the Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer goes a step further than any one of these, because each has been filled generously with actual beer. 
Not real beer, as in the one you can chug down at your local beer, but “beer” made from a liquid with a similar color with actual floating beer foam. Now how’s that for realistic?

42. Silver USB Cuff-links
Whether it's a spreadsheet for a business meeting or a slideshow for a family reunion, these clever USB flash cuff-links the modern man can dress for success by keeping these genius tech-accessories on hand.

43. Skateboard Pen-Drive
Simple Skateboard design with graphics from actual Santa Cruz skateboards like their Rob Dot Fade Model. 

Comes with fully functional wheels and rubberized texture.

44. Nailed - USB Memory Stick
Plankon's "Nailed" USB drive fills that void with a design that almost begs short-tempered nerds to smash an unruly laptop with a hammer.

We tried to find a link where you can actually purchase this stuff but we couldn't locate one.

45. Nail Polish Bottle Shaped Flash Drive
Imagine a man carry a nail polish in his bag and takes it out infront of the crowd. He will be attracting the attention of lot of people.

Cute and fashion design, Water resistant, shock resistant, lighting resistant, anti-magnetic. More suitable to gift a women.

46. Padlock USB Flash Drive
Instead of thinking other ways to protect the USB flash drives from others, Dialog05 designed integrating drive with a physical Padlock.

Padlock shaped USB flash drive is actually a creative design that can amaze anyone.

47. Concrete USB Flash Drive
Architects and Engineers would love to have their plans carried in a USB flash drive made of real concrete.

Cast in an exclusive high-precision light grey concrete, USBéton is resistant to shock and water - it secures your data better than any other media with elegance and originality.

48. Chain Saw USB Flash Drive
This limited edition flash drive will let everyone know that you are backing up your data preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

49. Ice Cream Pen Drive
These Chocolate Ice cream shaped USB flash drives are so realistic and I feel like taking another bite where someone has already taken a bite.

You might have to be careful if you have kids, they might try to eat your flash drive...

50. Human Skeleton pen drive
We saw Iron-man hiding the USB flash drive in his head. They why not a Human Skeleton do the same?

This skeleton doesn't like his head removed. So, as soon as your works done, please put back the head to keep your pen drive safe at the same time, keep the skeleton alive in the right form.


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