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Have you ever heard of an average person who knows almost all the celebrities in the world? Most celebrities are not really known for hang...

Have you ever heard of an average person who knows almost all the celebrities in the world? Most celebrities are not really known for hanging around with average people like 'Bob' but If Bob wants to be in the photos of any celebrity, no one can stop him. Trust me.. Haters wills say its Photoshoped..
Robert Van Impe is the guy who is behind the scene, also known as Average Rob, a self-described 'mediocre dude' from Belgium who Photoshops himself in the famous photos of celebrities. His serious Photoshop skills and the creativity opened the possibilities for his works to spread all over the internet and they look just convincing enough to be real.

The Average Bob is a digital artist and comedian, who holds a Master's degree in Advertising & Marketing from Coventry University and works as a journalist for Belgian comedy magazine Humo.
Spider-man saves Bob
Due to excess drinking, Bob climbed to the top of the 25 floor building and jumped down thinking he is jumping to his swimming pool. Luckily, Spider-man was just passing by and Bob was wearing a loose underwear.
Bob in Salena's Room
Last night Salena and Bob went to an Indian Restaurant because Bob loves curry. It's all changed in the morning because Bob could almost feel the heat of the spicy curry in the Toilet. Luckily, he had Salena for the support.
Awkward Family Photo
Bob doesn't like to talk much about this because he believes this is the most awkward family photo he ever took.
Me too..
Bob was desperately wanted to be in the selfie. Hey! look at me, I can also the girls things...
Bob Misses Obama
Bob is a kind person who cant afford to see someone who he loves is leaving.
Bob at Beach
This was clicked when Bob and his 'Family' was on the beach. He loves sleeping in the Beach.
Bob in a Movie
Not just celebrities, Bob can be in movies and TV series too.. He proved it ones again.
SUN of Ryan Reynolds
This Photo was taken when the Average Bob was a kid. His dad Ryan Reynolds loves to carry him wherever he goes. He wants Blake Lively to change his diapers... twice a day.
Vogue Cover
It's Bob's first ever photo appeared on the Vogue cover. He perfectly fit in the cover. In fact, he is the most beautiful women among others.
Kim's Surrogate Mother
Bob's clock is ticking.. He carries the baby of Kim in her Tommy. Kanye is happy to take Bob with him.. even to the award ceremonies. He is proud to be a Surrogate Mother for Kim.
Bob and Obama Trolling Trump
The joke Obama told about Trump is worth laughing.
Teaching Obama
This is the moment when Bob teaches Obama on how to complete a task without wasting lot of time and effort on it.
The First Date
Bob had a beautiful girlfriend and this picture was taken when he was with her on his first date. He still can't figure out how his girl friend was sitting there when the water was too hot.
Bob has Special Talents
This picture was taken when Bob tried to answer Ellan's question whether he has any special talents. Trust me, he is good at that.
Show off
When Bob was taking a nap in his car, someone tried taking a picture sitting on the bonnet. He is worried about those who try to show-off.
Shittiest job at the White House
Bob was an adviser to Obama. But when the Dog shits...
Good Old Days
Isn't it a good idea to take a photo when riding with your best buddies? Bob just did the same thing.
Morning Jog at White House
Obama never misses the morning jog and so as Bob.
Not a Good Party Guy
Now Bob knows what will happen if he sleeps again.
No no no.. Not me
That moment when Bob said 'I don't have the car key'
When Bob was a Kid
When Bob joined Obama for the first time, he carried him and Bob was so scared because Bob knows how many other kids Obama has dropped.
Advice to Trump
Trump is about to give a speech and Bob is giving him the instruction on what to speak.


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