Slim down to your essentials with the Ridge Wallets

Choosing a wallet can be far more stressful than it seems. When you pick up a wallet there would be two major concerns. It should give yo...

Choosing a wallet can be far more stressful than it seems. When you pick up a wallet there would be two major concerns. It should give you the maximum usability and secondly it should be stylish enough to suit your taste. The wallet we are about to feature today takes care of those two concerns, plus it is very sleek and minimal.

If you are someone who has accepted your fate with a bulky wallet that makes it so uncomfortable to sit with, the Ridge wallet can be your savior. The 84 x 54 x 6 mm thin sized wallet is made of carbon fiber and weighs just 1.6 oz. It is tiny enough to get you extra space to fit in your phone and other essentials inside your pocket. And considering its make, the carbon fiber makes it durable. Ensuring you don't have to deal with wear and tear in a foreseeable future. 

These bad boys are made of stainless steel and carbon fiber with a matte finish. That can withstand hard falls, and will not corrugate or even bend out of shape. Thus, making it the most desirable wallet out there in the market. 

All that being said, when looking at its capacity. The Ridge wallets come with two options, that's borderline smart. The first one being an elastic cash strap that can hold currency bills, IDs and etc. For those who are in a hurry and is too lazy to open the wallet and go through the bills. The Ridge wallet offers you this emergency wrap around elastic to hold them for you. Since we all know that the elastics aren't durable for a long time and will eventually lose its stretchiness, Ridge wallets have also made the elastics replaceable allowing you to change them after being worn out.

The second option is the money clip. This version of the wallet has a spring metal clip that can hold your currencies instead of an elastic strap. This seems to be a better option since there won't be a disadvantage because the metal clip will hold any amount of bills and will not be loosened with time. 

The main compartment of the wallet is an expandable card holder that can hold up to a dozen of cards and offers RFID protection. Although it will not hold any coins or keys considering its compact nature, you can comfortably carry a Ridge wallet in your back pocket or front pocket.

Each of these Ridge wallets comes at a price tag of 115 USD. And the manufacturer offers free shipping worldwide along with a lifetime warranty. So you will not have to worry about compromising with its quality at all.


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