50 Coolest & Creative Coca-cola Bottle Designs!

Package designs increase the popularity of the product, make the customers wait for the next desig...

Package designs increase the popularity of the product, make the customers wait for the next design and more over these designs lets you convey any messages. In other way, you can promote your product and create an awareness of any kind with the mass. if we talk about the history of the coke, OMG! so many bottle designs!. Some of those designs were just concept and the rest already reached the market. By the way, Spicytec has listed some of those creative designs for you..

Sunshine Collection
The new Coca-Cola White, celebrities, including Manolo Blahnik, the Scissor Sisters and Trevor Nelson, were asked to draw something on a white Coca-Cola bottle that `makes their world just a little bit better’. For every bottle Coca-Cola receieved, we pledged £1,000 to THT, resulting in an incredible donation of £16,000. Four of the designs were reproduced in 2005, and are available in limited quantities. [via]
Anniversary bulletproof packing

we have already wrote an article about this product recently. have a look here
Karl Largerfeld Light Bottle

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has so graciously let the soft drink we all call Coke use his infamous silhouette for a limited edition aluminum bottle of “light”‘ soda. Equipped with a discreet bottle opener hidden inside a drawer, this dope collectors item will be available starting April 24th through Colette. I SO want this. [via]
Mystic bottle

This is another article we show you before and this design is so cool. Just read the complete article with Images..
Aluminium Bottle

The Dieline recently named the newly redesigned Coca-Cola aluminum bottles as the Platinum award winner in their beverage design category. From the product images above and below, you can see that the bottles are sleek, simple and bold. The bottles, designed by Turner Duckworth, remain instantly recognizable as Coca-Cola products while still being very fresh on the eyes.

I had opportunity to come across these bottles for the very first time tonight and I was so impressed by how beautiful they look as shelf items. I should have bought a bottle just to keep. I might go out and search for a bottle tomorrow. [via]

This bottle also named aluminium bottle. But the designer name mention on the website is

Nathalie Rykiel [via]
Selfridges centenary

coca-cola' is celebrating every londoner's favourite departmental store, selfridges' 100th birthday with the exclusive selfridges centenary bottle, an eye-catching limited edition original glass bottle that shines in the store's signature shade of yellow. [via]
Ice PoP

Julien Muller, a graphic designer and illustrator from Metz, France has developed a summer concept for Coca-Cola. He replaces the iconic contour bottle with bottles in the form of ice pops. While the design preserves the well-recognizable wave, it seems to be totally different from what we are used to. The flavor of the drink is indicated right on the bottle. [via]
Manolo Blahnik

Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik has been chosen by Coca-Cola Light to dress the famous bottle. It’s been available a limited run of 10,000 pieces and sold in a few outlets. The designer Manolo Blahnik shoes succeeds Zac Posen, Roberto Cavalli and Nathalie Rykiel. [via]
Chen Shaohua

As the world joins together for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games this summer, Coca-Cola has invited artists from around the globe to jointly depict what this monumental occasion means to them. The extraordinary alliance of visual and music artists from different lands started with eight blank canvasses of aluminum contour bottles - and eight corresponding themes reflecting the possibilities for happiness and connection from both the Coke Side of Life platform and the upcoming global gathering in Beijing. [via]
Daft Punk 2011

Following a successful collaboration with Mika in 2010, soft drink giant Coca-Cola follow-up on some exclusively designed bottles with Coca-Cola “Club Coke.” Produced in two distinctive colorways based on Daft Punk mimicking the helmets worn by the French duo, the gold and silver bottles will see a limited production run beginning in March 2011. In addition to the general release at clubs, the bottles will be packaged in a collector’s box as a set, made available exclusively through colette in Paris. Further information on this project will become available through Daftcoke.com, which goes live in a few months. [via]
Gianfranco Ferre Light Bottle

Most recently we have seen them work with Karl Lagerfeld. Up next is a collaboration with Italian fashion house Gianfranco Ferre. The line-up includes 4 extravagant Coca-Cola Light bottles that will be releasing in the coming weeks. [via]
Dzmitry Samal

Conceptualized by Dzmitry Samal, these new Coca-Cola cans would bemanufactured using impact extrusion and not roll off the counter should one fall over. [via]
Square Coca-Cola Bottle Concept

Coca-Cola bottle concept by Andrew Kim takes up less space than traditional round bottles and comes with a cool collapsible design for easy recycling. As an added bonus, each bottle features an opening at the bottom that allows multiple bottles to be stacked. This increases efficiency during transportation and reduces the amount of space needed for storage. [via]
Tribute To Fashion by Coca Cola Lights
In order to raise money to help the earthquake victims in Abruzzo, Coca Cola Light summoned some of the famous fashion designers in Italy to create their own Coke bottle. Coca Cola's Tribute to Fashion was presented in 2009 as a part of Milan's Fashion Week. [via]
Checkout the creations of your favorite designers like Fendi, Missoni, Moschino and Versace!

 Alberta Ferretti (left), Missoni (middle) and Marni (right)

 Blumarine (left) and Etro (right)




There are so many coke designs and just one post is not enough to explain all and we gonna just share the images of the rest of the designs.
Ugly Betty

Up and Down
Magnificent 5
Nando’s Winning Design
m5 project
JO 2010
Coca mexique

Coca x Mika

Roberto Cavalli
Johnny Rocket
Full Body Sleeve
Holiday Ornament


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