30 Facebook Vs Google Plus + Funny and Creative Animations!

From the date when the Google + information released, all the social media fans awaiting for the off...

From the date when the Google + information released, all the social media fans awaiting for the official launch. And specially, Google + has announce some cool interfaces and features that is better than Facebook. So, What to say, Google + Vs Facebook battle has started. Well, Even before the official launch of Google+, Google fans are so exited and created some funny .gif animations and jpg images all over the internet. I just wanted to collect all of them and show it to spicytec.com fans. There are so many .gif file and it might be loading slow. Please be patience...

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  1. There's a healthy competition between the great giants Facebook and Google plus. Before its launch there was a great buzz about Google Plus, which kept people anxious and anticipating it. It began with a reach of over 10 million active users, whereas Facebook is an established social networking website with a global reach of over 750 million as of 2011. However, Google has an edge over Facebook because with Google Plus you get other services like Adwords, Adsense, etc. But only time will tell who packs more muscle power!

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  2. There is indeed the competition between facebook and google plus. I happen to use both as most of my friends have been on facebook while some migrated into plus. Google has an advantage due to their apps cloud.
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