SWYP Touchscreen printer concept: See what you print

simplicity and intuitive navigation are behind the design of the 'see what you print' ('...

simplicity and intuitive navigation are behind the design of the 'see what you print' ('SWYP') touchscreen printer concept by jonas buck, fernd van engelen, and tucker spofford of seattle-based design consultants artefact group. A simple paper tray folds onto the top of the printer for storage when not in use; the action of stowing it away or pulling it out likewise serves at the on/off switch. A customizable start screen offers options such as 'scan page', 'scan stack [of multiple pages]', 'scan to photoshop', or one-click navigation to photographs stored on the user's photo networks, ranging from wirelessly connected cameras and computers to picasa, facebook, and flickr. an image can be printed by dragging it onto the active print area, where margins, scaling, cropping, and colour conditions all automatically calibrated to the printer settings can be previewed and edited.

The screen responds to intuitive gestures like rotating or pulling and pinching for size manipulation, and multiple photos can be composited into the active area and then printed with a single click. the device also permits basic image editing. selecting the ink icon at the top of the screen reveals the inside of the printer, including information about the ink level and currently inserted paper type. he 'see what you print' ('SWYP') printer concept by artefact group all images © doug evans Images & Article from Designboom, Original Source: Dvice


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