Creative POPI Umbrella by Massimo Battaglia

Designer Massimo Battaglia 's POPI Umbrella concept was the result out of the idea of redesigni...

Designer Massimo Battaglia's POPI Umbrella concept was the result out of the idea of redesigning our existing foldable umbrellas. It solves all issues related to comfort and portability, as you can see here, POPI umbrella has been designed with handle that works as the case of the umbrella when closed. This newly redesigned umbrella provides user an easy way to store the umbrella even when wet and a larger handle that is comfortable to hold.

POPI umbrella has the same size as our standard umbrellas and on the production side, it only requires a small additional cost for the manufacturing to create the “handle-housing” case. To use this umbrella, just pull the top cap and pull out the umbrella, just like a common folding umbrella. To close it again, just do the reverse. The design of POPI Umbrella has been here for about 2 years, the designer decided to make it public in order to a manufacturer attention to bring this umbrella into reality.

[via: Tuvie]


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