Halo Mini - Ultra High Capacity Illuminated Pet Collar

Recently we shared the 'Halo-Zero' Messenger Bag  designed by San Francisco based company H...

Recently we shared the 'Halo-Zero' Messenger Bag designed by San Francisco based company Halo Belt. Same designer has started a new kickstarter campaign for their newest design 'Halo Mini' which is an ultra high capacity illuminated pet collar. Unlike other LED pet collars in the market, Halo Mini is made using custom patented illumination system designed to illuminate in bright neon colors. The purpose of the HALO MINI is to keep our loved ones safe when outside at night. Fully rechargeable collar is designed with thermoplastic polyurethane fiber optic which is then housed within a polyester/nylon collar. The HALO MINI has a flash and solid illumination mode. Each recharge takes about 2 hours the batteries last up to 75 non-consecutive hours on flash modes.


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