Turn almost anything into an elegant Clock that will add unique value to your interior

Yes! you heard it correctly. You can literally turn anything into a clock with Stretch Clock. If you are someone who is frequently changing the interior and if your clock looks the same for all the interiors, Stretch is the solution to your problem. This little idea is from Brooklyn based designer Nicholas Baker, now crowd-funded at kickstarter

The Stretch Clock is simply a large rubber band that you can stretch around any object you want to turn into a clock to match your interior. Slide the movement underneath the band, attach the hands, and now you've transformed your object into a clock. 

The quartz clock movement slides underneath the band and through the center hole. The hands are made of plastic so that you can pop them on and off with ease, allowing you to swap the object whenever you want a new clock!

The beauty of the Stretch Clock is that you get to decide what object to stretch it around. Find something around your home, in your backyard, on the street, or at a thrift shop. Raw materials like wood, stone, brick or anything that look cool to you. If you want to go really crazy, find a skull and stretch it around.


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