Steam-O Bicycle by János Insperger

Designer János Insperger 's 'Steam-O' is a modern cruiser inspired by the iconic steam...

Designer János Insperger's 'Steam-O' is a modern cruiser inspired by the iconic steam locomotives of the past, applying the signature aerodynamic shape to its stark frame. In classic 1930s style, the bike sports a leather seat with spring suspension, an oversized headlight with chrome and bronze polish, and choo-choo style rims. The main feature, however, is a pushrod drivetrain like that of locomotives from the time. This unique power system and distinct attention to detail set it apart from other cruisers new and old. 

Pedaling torque is transmitted by bearing on shaft and coupling rods. Coupling rods move in a vertical motion as well as horizontally as the crank-arm rotates. The same shaft at the rear wheel receives the torque ration 1:1. To gain a useful travel speed it needs a small gearbox (about 1:6 ratio depending on the crank arm length and rear wheel size).

     [Via: beautifullife & yankodesign]


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