16 Creative and Cool Bookmarks.

Pointing Finger: "It's just like a highlighter, whether the book is written from left to right or top to bottom, as long as you "point" the finger symbol where you finish, next time you want to read, you can find where you read to right away. It easily solves the weakness of regular bookmarks not being able to accurately point out which line was read to."

Green Leafs Bookmark: Brought to you by Yuruliku, it brings greenery to your bookshelf.

Cook Bookmark: This clever bookmark is sure to provide quick access to your favorite recipes while keeping cookbook pages clean.

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark: These are designed to monitor the reading time of your kids and keep track as to how long they have been studying. 

Save Bookmark: Creative paper bookmark with a Save icon on it; creation of graphic designer Igor Rogix Udushlivy, this bookmark was part of his iconote concept. 

Liquid Bookmark: Each of these bookmarks is hand-made by the designer, which makes each design completely unique.

DIY Bookmarks: Learn how to make your own bookmark - details.

Bookmark II: A clever idea, with a simple rubber band with an indicator that wraps around a book and show the last line you were reading.

Booklight Bookmark: This handy device functions as a bookmark and also a portable reading light.

Beaded Wire Bookmark: Make your own beaded wire bookmark - details

Favbook Bookmark: "The lens is made from high quality durable plastic, frame of silver."

MARK Bookmark: Creative concept bookmark by designer Avnish using FOLED technology. At night it lights up and covers the area you're reading. 

Abracadabra Puffy Bookmark: "The Abracadabra contains an air-filled chamber, half of which is flattened by the weight of a book. Squeezing the exposed side inflates the concealed side lift the page just enough for your finger to slip in."

Hands Bookmark: "It appears to look like people that have been stuck between your pages."

Feather Bookmark: This one is designed to be used as a USB drive and a bookmark; comes with 2GB of storage.

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