The Mac Inspired Customer Friendly Cash Register

Have you ever tried ordering food or calling for cheque in an over-crowded restaurant? Chances are you’ll be waiting a long time before any of the waiters even pay attention to fact that you exist. So there goes your Saturday night out, for which you planned throughout the whole week. Disappointing isn’t it? Well not anymore. Stephen Allport has come up with a very unique and much needed solution to this dilemma. And the solution goes by the name of EPOS-lite Cash Register concept.
Taking inspiration from the hugely popular Apple MacBook Air and iPhone, EPOS-lite Cash Register is the world’s lightest cash register. Light and innovative designing combined with features such as a touch screen, makes this a much needed respite from the endless wait that often is disheartening. The Cash Register is basically a sleek device similar to the Apple iPhone in its looks. But besides its chic looks, the gadget serves a much vital purpose .It includes features like a built-in food and drinks menu along with payment options which allow the customer to choose from the variety of payment modes available. Not only the built-in menu a much easier option for the customer but also saves the trouble of reprinting new menu data. Besides the option of choosing the menu and payment option, the EPOS-lite also makes it possible for the restaurant to charge wirelessly through the table upon which it is placed. Oh yes that is possible!
The product has been featured at various shows around the world and has received worldwide acclaim. Now, not only has EPOS-lite generated a massive interest from major companies to market the product, several magazines are queuing up to feature this enigmatic device in their issues. Now a night out may not necessarily ensue the hour long impatient wait for somebody to come at ask you for your choice. A convenient and a much faster way of ordering and paying has arrived as a boon for customers. Now let the waiter do all waiting, while you do what you came to do in the first place.

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