25 Creative and Stylish Salt-and-Pepper Sets

This time we want to show you another interesting collection of salt and pepper sets. Kitchen in every home has such sets and this post wi...

This time we want to show you another interesting collection of salt and pepper sets. Kitchen in every home has such sets and this post will help to find the proper one. These creative, innovatie and definetely very stylish salt-and-pepper sets will expand your imagination. And again we do not recommend not watch the last set to impressionable people because of its provocative character. Enjoy!

BODUM Twin Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder [ via Amazon.com ]

Salt and Pepper Sterling Crown Mills [ via Jonathan Krawczuk ]
This set is just a concept but looks so gorgeous that we decided to include it in pur list. Designer Jonathan Krawczuk gave crowns to the pepper as the "king" of spices and to the salt as the "queen" of spices.

WMF Two-in-One Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Set [ via Amazon.com ]
This salt & pepper units are put into each other as a set forming a practical and shapely unit.
Dolly Salt and Pepper Shaker [ via Velocity Art And Design ]
Salt and pepper shaker with separate chambers for each of the two flavorings.

Rockers Mini Salt & Pepper [ via Nickmunro.com ]

Crazy Bulbs Salt & Pepper [ via TheMagazine.info ]

Chef’n Mini Magnetic Set [ via Amazon.com ]
The unique round shape and easy-to-squeeze handles make this set the world’s most innovative papper-and-salt grinders.
Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shakers from Georg Jensen
The three following sets are created by Georg Jensen. All salt and pepper shakers are created in the minimalist style from stainless steel. Their princip of work is simple and they differ only by their shapes but they’re very stylish.
Twist Salt & Pepper Mill [ via Amazon.com ]
Henning Koppel Castors Salt & Pepper [ via Amazon.com ]

Salt & Pepper Set [ via Amazon.com ]

Lladro Gallus Shakers [ via George Watts & Son ]

Nambè Circco Salt & Pepper [ via George Watts & Son ]

Nambè Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker Set [ via Amazon.com ]
As you can understand from the name these metal salt and pepper shakers fit together like perfect puzzle pieces.
Salt and Pepper Plant [ via Charles & Marie ]
This salt-and-pepper set look like buds and is sitting in a solid wooden ‘pot’ – think of it as a little salt and pepper plant.

Alessi Lilliput salt and pepper [ via Amazon.com ]
Designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi this magnetic salt and pepper set can hang horizontally from the handle or perch on the base. Bright and funny set.

Menu Boogie Woogie Salt and Pepper Shakers [ via Menu.as ]
Surprisingly original Boogie Woogie shakers are equipped with wheels. Just give it a slight push and let the salt shaker roll on to the other guests around the table!

Modern Salt & Pepper [ via Andreas Engesvik AS ]

Wood Salt + Pepper Shakers [ via Branch ]

Flexi-Sexi Salt & Pepper Shakers [ via Modern Agent ]
Just twist, shake and sprinkle.

G’rabbit Grinders [ via Amazon.com ]

Acanthus Gold Salt & Pepper Shakers [ via Manor Home & Gifts ]
Elegantly hand made this set is decorated with the finest quality Swarokski crystals, 24kt gold, and fine Limoges porcelain paste.

iittala Collective Tools [ via Amazon.com ]

Spices Salt & Pepper [ via Yar Rassadin ]

Salt & Pepper Cell [ via Antrepo Design ]

Brain Salt and Pepper Shaker [ via Lazybone ]
And as the last item we want to show this unusual and sometimes scary salt and pepper se

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