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Ceiling fans are an efficient choice to cool your home, and a great way to maximize the energy efficiency. They use much lesser electric...

Ceiling fans are an efficient choice to cool your home, and a great way to maximize the energy efficiency. They use much lesser electricity in comparison to the air-conditioning units, leading to cost savings!

Batman Fan Blades
This unique shaped blades move air just like any other traditional blade design fan. [buy]

Basketball Ceiling Fan
If you are a basketball fan and you wanna give a basketball touch to everything you see, this unique style fan is just for you. [link]

Helicopter Blade Ceiling Fan
The ceiling fan in your kids room really need to be creative and fun. If its going to be the helicopter blade fan which flays in the ceiling, your kid will never leave the room.

Old Time Belt Driven Ceiling Fan
The Toast of New Orleans, the Bourbon Street with its elegant, classical flair will transform any interior with just the right touch of nostalgic
Another beautiful antique type belt driven ceiling fan

Minka Aire Artemis Wooden Style Ceiling Fan
I bet this ceiling fan will fit to any modern or traditional style interior.

Dual Ceiling Fan
A Breath of Fresh Air - Form and function are captured in perfect harmony by the Palisade fan's innovative vertical rotation design.

Single Blade Ceiling Fans
Yes, I also had the same doubt as you whether it will be effective of not. But after reading the reviews and watching some videos I have realized this as a unique yet effectively functional ceiling fan.

Air Shadow - Retracting Blade Ceiling Fan
It's an advanced ceiling fan with a unique form that transforms once you switch off (fan blades automatically retract). [link]

Traditional Gyro Ceiling Fans [link]

Translucent Ceiling Fan [link]
The Artemis translucent ceiling fan is a "contemporary modern ceiling fan and light has cool curves that look fantastic and create excellent circulation".

Farreys' Ceiling Fan [link]
The site offers numerous unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers.

Contemporary Design
"Designer Ron Rezek has combined mechanical simplification, geometric forms, and contemporary finishes in a collection of ceiling fans that are very unique."

Minka Aire: Contemporary - F803-MP [link]

Blowceiling Fan
Fan with the light above its blades, designed by Ferdi Giardini.

Mandalay Bahama Beige Ceiling Fan [link]
With its palm-frond blades it looks just elegant.

Sycamore Ceiling Fan [link]"Works Smarter, Not Harder".

Decorative Fan [link]


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