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Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display

A perfect companion for your cell phone

See who is calling or mute your phone's ringer!
Laziness is a virtue and something we aspire to whenever possible. Repetitive and demanding tasks that require a lot of work should be avoided at all costs. Instead, laziness should be inserted in the form of a program, or device, that performs the repetitive task for you.
Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display
Sure, you could look at your cell phone to see who is calling or push a button to mute the ringer and let them go to voicemail. But, instead, we think you should be as lazy as possible and use our Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display for these tasks. This watch keeps you connected in style by combining a vintage analog/digital watch design with Bluetooth Wireless technology. It notifies you when your phone rings with a discreet vibrating sensation and showing the caller's name and/or number on the bright OLED display. When an SMS/text message is received the watch will vibrate and the text alert icon will appear. You can mute your phone's ringer or reject a call by simply pushing a button on the watch.
Product Details
  • Displays caller name and/or number on screen (some phones only display number)
  • A text icon will appear when receiving text message (please note - this feature only works on some phones, mostly Sony Ericcson. This feature does NOT show the actual text message)
  • Mute your phone's ringer by pushing a button on the watch
  • Rechargeable battery with power save function
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 96x16 pixel OLED display
  • Leather band
  • Stainless steel case
  • Bluetooth pairing code "0000" (four zeroes)

Price: $69.99
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USB Memory Watch

Perfect for transporting your files

A watch with multi-gigs of built-in storage capacity!
You may recall from Episode IV that R2 was carrying some important files destined for delivery to Obi-Wan. These files were, of course, a distress message from Princess Leia and plans for the Empire's newly operational battle station. These plans played a critical part in the successful destruction of the Death Star. If you want to be a hero, just like R2, then we suggest you carry your files on this USB Memory Watch.
In addition to displaying the time, this watch helps you carry your valuable data with you at all times (you know - your MP3 files, favorite images, your ThinkGeek shopping list). With either 2GB or 4GB or 8GB of capacity it has more than ample storage space.
The USB Memory Watch has a built-in USB connector and can transfer files to and from most computer operating systems. The USB connector is cleverly stored in the watch band and flips up for easy connecting. There is also a LED light that indicates the device status. The watch is surprisingly sleek and lightweight - it is not a bulky watch. The band is comfortable and very flexible.
  • Standard USB interface and USB extension cord included
  • USB 2.0 (read 4MB/s and write 3MB/s)
  • Sleek design, very lightweight (this is not a bulky watch)
  • Plug and play, easy operation (appears as a USB mass storage device)
  • LED indicator light shows device connectivity and data transfer
  • Operating Systems: Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 or higher
  • Included CD contains Win 98 driver
  • Shock proof and Anti-static
  • Watch is not waterproof
  • Japanese movement with 3-year battery life
  • Battery type: SR626SW
  • Memory size: 2GB or 4GB or 8GB
  • Weight: 1.5 oz (43 grams)
  • Dimensions: 1.5" width x .375" thick (watch face)

Price: $39.99

Spy camera video watch

Perfect for capturing spontaneous video

A watch with built-in video camera and 8GBs of storage capacity!
You never know when you'll need a video camera. We live in an amazing and crazy world and you want to make like a scout and be prepared! Whether you're a blogger looking for a scoop, a citizen journalist researching a hot lead, or a wannabe member of the paparazzi, having a discreet way of collecting video evidence is crucial. What? Your life isn't that interesting? We're sorry. Did we mention that you could use this watch to "take notes" during meetings at your mild-mannered day job? It's easier than trying to decipher that chicken scratch you call handwriting!
This classy watch is the solution! It features a built-in surveillance style video camera and a whopping 8GB of flash memory for hours of storage. The watch itself is an elegantly designed full metal watch with a glass face. It gives you accurate, gear driven time in seconds, minutes and hours, with a twisting crown for time adjustment. Just as an ordinary watch, this is a quality timepiece - the video camera is just icing on the spy cake! The tiny video camcorder lets you record AVI format files that you can later transfer to your computer for viewing and archiving purposes.
  • Mini video spy camera
  • Records video and audio
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (recharges from USB port)
  • Can also be used as an 8GB USB flash drive
  • Built-in microphone
  • Watch band length is adjustable
  • Video in AVI Format (352x288) at 15 FPS
  • Dimensions: watch face is 45 x 14mm (dia x H)
  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, MAC OS compatible
  • Includes: watch, USB cable, user manual, Power adapter (110-240V 50/60Hz)

Price: $79.99

USB Hidden flash drive watch

How to properly hide a flash drive

Small USB flash drive fits completely inside of the watch!

Since you are probably the clever type, we suspect you could easily find many places to hide a small USBUSB flash drive that slips neatly into the watch case. Simply remove, add data and then re-insert and you're ready to conduct secret missions to building B on the other side of campus.
This watch has a plastic case covered by stainless steel mask with brushed silver finish and convex mineral glass with shiny raised index. The USB flash drive fits flush with the watch case - ready to hold your data safe and secure. You may even forget it's there until you're ready to use it.
  • Small USB flash drive fits completely inside of the watch
  • Perfect for carrying your data on secret missions
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Black polyurethane strap
  • Luminescent hands
  • Huge 8GB capacity
  • Watch dial size: 1.1" x 1" (29 x 25mm)
  • Flash drive size: 1.5" x .5" x .25" (38 x 13 x 6mm)

Price: $49.99

Stainless steel 8GB video watch

Massive storage with this latest video player watch

In our effort to always bring you the latest and greatest gadgets, ThinkGeek presents this Stainless Steel Video Watch with a massive 8GB of internal flash memory as well as a full color 1.8" screen. Made completely from shiny stainless steel for the ultimate in style and coolness.

High pixel count and frames per second make viewing a joy. Plus this watch has a built-in voice recorder, multiple OSD languages to choose from, a built-in high quality speaker as well as a earphone jack, the ability to view JPEG pictures and listen to music at the same time, and so much more. What more could you ask of such a beautiful looking watch? Be the envy of all your friends and blow them away with your shiny new toy.
  • Display: 1.8 Inch TFT LCD
  • Built In Speaker
  • Video Format: MTV
  • Conversion formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, DAT, RM, MOV
  • Video Resolution: 160x128
  • FPS (Frames per Second): 20
  • Music Format: MP3, WMA, WAV
  • Bit rate: 32~320Kbps
  • Built In Watch with Digital Time Display
  • 24 Hour Style Time
  • Time/ Date/ Day Display
  • Built in MIC
  • Record Format: WAV
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian, Polish
  • USB 2.0
  • System: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • Power source: Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Dimensions (watch face): 45 x 55 x 13mm (L x W x D)

Price: $99.99

Video watch with OLED screen

Great watch, Awesome display!

Now with an incredible 8GB of storage capacity!
For a wristwatch to be considered truly geeky it should have one of two things - the ability to play audio and video or some kind of communication functionality (like a built-in cell phone). Well, you can definitely put a big bold check mark in the "yes" column for the Video Watch with OLED Screen. With a full color screen this watch displays video and images very nicely with a 128x128 pixel resolution. The OLED screen is crisp and bright and the watch itself is surprisingly well proportioned (not thick or bulky).
Audio is also accommodated very nicely, with MP3/WMA playback and 6 equalizer modes. A built-in microphone allows recording of notes to self, meetings, conversations or various ramblings for later playback. Battery charges via USB and sports a 7 hour play time (4 hours for video playback). Available with 8GB storage capacity.
  • Plays videos in full color on 128x128 pixel screen. Impressive crisp, bright display.
  • 8GB storage capacity
  • Plays MP3 and WMA music
  • Clock displays time and date (day of week, day, month, year)
  • Up to 8 hours of music playback
  • View images (bmp, jpeg)
  • Voice recording and playback with built-in microphone
  • USB 2.0 for fast data transfer
  • Battery charges via USB
  • Band Length: 7.75" (20cm)
  • Includes: earphones, mini CD with video conversion software, user guide, USB cable, Wall AC-to-USB charger

Price: $89.99

Twilight watch

Fades into darkness, then back into light

Twilight Watch
Between daylight and darkness, twilight is constantly changing from dark to light as the the sun slowly fades away. This beautiful natural phenomenon is reflected every second in the Twilight Watch. The face fades from light to black and back every 20 seconds, reminding us of the ever changing evolution of time. The optical effect is created using two polarized disks that rotate with the seconds.
Twilight's case is 36mm (1.42") in diameter and is made of brushed stainless steel, with a stainless steel case back. It has no visible lugs for a seamless connection from strap to case. Twilight comes with a glove-soft black leather band. This watch is water resistant to 100 feet (30 meters).
Price: $119.99

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