Vader House by Andrew Maynard Architects

Architect Andrew Maynard of Melbourne, Australia is amongst our favorites here at TheCoolist, and his Vader House is clearly one of his best.  While it made the rounds of the design blogosphere earlier last year, we felt compelled to bring it back to light.  This geometric, open-air home is an extension on a Victorian terrace, resting privately around an enclosed patio just steps away from the busy city streets.  The rehabbed Vader House maintains the old brick perimeter, providing an old city charm to this decidedly modern construction.  The upper level under the angular ceiling provides a quiet space for personal relaxation, while the lower level kitchen and living room opens into the patio and spa just steps away.  While not much space was needed for Maynard to complete this work, he has succeeded in giving an old building new life in a contemporary context.

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