Would You Ride the Jaguar Motrocycle Concept?

Well, Massow Concept Cycles (MCC) gives you a chance to do so, in the most sway way ever with the leaping Jaguar concepts which you may have foreseen only as logos of Jaguar cars,  and have now been transformed into life-like motorcycles with jaw-dropping looks.
Massow Concept Cycles is the brainchild of design guru Barend Massow Hemmes, designed with exceptionally carved body to drive into your imaginations, and while the Raging Bull motorcycle is still in the concept phase, The Jaguar is up for sale.
With tremendous efforts, this designer succeeds in incorporating these logos into a functional piece of machinery, with its powered air-cooled Buell S3’s 1200cc V-twin engine, along with a frame made from steel tubing, glass-fibre fairing, a headlamp in the jaguar’s head and removable magnetic mandibles.
What’s the fascinating part of this vehicle is its body that’s made from high-grade stainless steel, which makes this motorcycle resemble any motorcycle enthusiast’s dream ride. Its Stingray seat cover and wipe-across handlebars of 1000mm width, add to its ability to rock in tough races.
The leaping Jaguar bike’s number plate uniquely flaunts the digits with the word ‘CAT’ in the beginning. This bike also has a unique air inhale-exhale system that adds to its cat- like features. The Leaping Jaguar motorcycle is available for a price of £320,000, or $567,000.

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