12 weird art car beauties covered with unusual things

You might often not come across the weird cars, however, whenever you do they not only make you turn your head on the road but also linger i...

You might often not come across the weird cars, however, whenever you do they not only make you turn your head on the road but also linger in your memory for a long time. Some of them will be remembered as the nice pieces of art while others could scare the hell out of even the bravest of guys when it sneaks up behind you in the dark. Well, here we have compiled a list of weird cars that you will find odd or they’ll mesmerize or scare the hell out of you.
Weird car with welded add-ons

Info: This seems to be a very odd car to say the least and I would have loved to really get a picture of this from the front view but even without one like that, it would be hard not to call it the ‘Armadillo Car’ for the sheer metal work on its back as it reminds us quite a bit of the Armadillo. It also reminds us of the ‘Holiday Armadillo’ episode of Friends where he dresses himself up as one for the sake of his son Ben. Despite how much I really like that whole episode this car is just not to my liking.
DARTZ Thanksgiving car

Info: DARTZ had to give up on its desire of covering the interiors of its SUV with whale penis leather after much opposition from various groups, and that perhaps hasn’t gone very well with the automaker. They come up with some sort of a crazy joke pointed towards Pamela Anderson and her opposition of the whale penis leather idea.
Strange car mod

Info: Zombies Custom built for some whimsical Arab, the car’s strange and gross theme has been carried out throughout the vehicle, over the exteriors, the interiors, everywhere. An Alfa Romeo-esque intake on the front is surrounded by the creepy material that remarkably blends well with the headlamps. Read more…
Weird car with leopard print

Info: Well, this weird car with leopard print custom paintjob is as weird as awesome. It seems the person behind this weird looking car is owned by an animal lover or just someone with a fetish for print. 
Alien custom built car 

Info: There are some weird custom built cars in this world but the owner of this weird car is either twisted, in love with Sigourney Weaver or he just loves the film Alien.
1969 Ford Mustang art car

Info: It happens at times that you come across a different kind of vehicle on the subway that compels you to turn your head. The 1969 Ford Mustang pictured above is capable of doing the same. This overwhelmingly whacked out art car with Sammy Sosa and a horde of mutant Jack in the Box antenna balls are enough not only to mesmerize you but to remind you of it time and again.
George Barris’s custom car

Info: This car reminds me of T.Roosevelt’s famous words: Far better it is to dare mighty things than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much,because they live in a grey twilight that knows neither victory or defeat.
Modified 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

Info: This wired car seems apt for Lucifer to drive. However, this is Artist William Burge’s modified 1968 Volkswagen Beetle who showed this art car at the Essen Motor Show in Germany in December 2007. 
1972 Dodge van covered with cameras

Info: Harrod Blank, an American ‘art car’ artist, with his love for art cars and photography. To combine his love for art cars and photography, Blank covered a 1972 Dodge van with 2,000 cameras, hiding ten working cameras around it that can be operated on the dashboard, and paraded it around the streets of New York City in 1995, while capturing over 5,000 pictures for a photography exhibit entitled ‘I’ve Got A Vision.
Tirezilla Art Car

Info: This awesome piece of car art is a work by the students of University of Kansas and it has a very strange and raw appeal to it. The car is named ‘Tirezilla Art Car’ and has bagged the prize in people’s choice in Nebraska Art Automobile Show in 2008. The vehicle looks like a demon from dark places and could scare the hell out of even the bravest of guys when it sneaks up behind you in the dark.
Wired Volkswagen car

Info: You might I have come across funny cars, weird cars and whole lot of freaky vehicles but a car’s exteriors designed totally using wires, now that has to be a geeks brain.This Volkswagen is designed using wires throughout, even the steering wheel is ‘wired ‘.
Tubular Car

Info: Totally Tubular was presented in 2008’s Houstan art parade. This care is plastered all over with tubes.
Duct tape primed car

Info: This is one of the classiest duct tape car you will ever come across. Complete with model wearing duct tape mini skirt, this car really looks mesmerizing.

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