Install Windows 7 on Mac OS X and vice-versa

Installing cross-platform operating system on any other operating system is not a cake-walk. It requires high grade knowledge of the operati...

Installing cross-platform operating system on any other operating system is not a cake-walk. It requires high grade knowledge of the operating system ins and outs. And if you are thinking of installing Windows 7 OS on Mac or the other way around, that is installing Mac Os on Windows 7, the task is even more daunting. Don’t worry I’m not trying to scare you in any way, rather just wanted to make you aware of the kind of programming prowess needed to perform such kind of tweaks. Here’s how to install Windows 7 on Mac PC using the Boot Camp utility and Mac OS X on Windows 7 PC using the VirtualBox software.
# How to install Windows 7 on Mac computer

To perform this tweak you’ll need the Windows 7 installation DVD, Mac OS X installation copy and Boot Camp 2.1 burned onto a DVD. After launching the BootCamp installation you’ll be able to create a partition for the Windows 7 OS which will require around 10GB of free disk space. Make sure you create a partition that is more than 10 GB so as to accommodate the applications (third-party as well as Windows developed) that will run in Windows 7 environment on your Mac PC.
Now reboot your computer and at the same instance insert Windows 7 installation DVD. This will open the Windows 7 installation interface; accept the subsequent options that will take you to the partition selection option. Rename the partition as BootCamp partition or Windows 7 for selecting the partition drive option when you have to install the Windows 7 OS on this partition. Choose the simple options that follow, including the username and password setup. For more details, refer to this guide.

# Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on Windows 7 PC 

For this tweak you’ll have to make sure that your system processor (Intel or AMD) supports hardware virtualization. Apart from that you’ll need Mac OSX86 iso copy, VirtualBox software and Windows 7 installation copy.
After installing VirtualBox you can create a new VM and rename it. Then select “Mac OS X” from the operating system dropdown selection. Assign VM some RAM normally around 1500 MB, followed by hard drive share of around 20 GB. Then follow the subsequent options to setup the VM settings and locate the OSX86 iso file that you have downloaded earlier. This will setup your VM boot process. Choose the subsequent options including the selection of drive space 20GB you reserved. Wait for a while and thereafter you’ll have Mac OS X Snow Leopard running on your Windows 7 OS. For troubleshooting on this guide refer to thedetailed tutorial by clicking here.

 You can perform this tweak with Windows Vista and XP operating environment also.


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