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Today, we want technology doing everything for us. We need a gadget to even understand our own emotions and feelings. Apparently, in the ...

Today, we want technology doing everything for us. We need a gadget to even understand our own emotions and feelings. Apparently, in the event of developing technology for us to entirely depend upon, we’ve forgotten the basic working of mankind, which is driven by emotions. So, if you’re also struck by the similar syndrome, and find it difficult to handle emotions and relationships then the following gadgets maybe just what you need.
1. Emotion sensitive pendant

The Vibe is a interactive piece of jewelry with sensors that read biometric signals. The stylish necklace “combines conducive ink and textile sensors” to convey the signals to others who’ll also be wearing the devices. The technology enables us to better understand emotions.
2. Bracelet that ‘Rationalizes’ your emotions

The Philips EmoBracelet is a hi-tech mood ring, which measures “arousal component of the user’s emotion through a galvanic skin response sensor”. The bracelet is synced with EmoBowl, another accessory which it comes packaged with. The EmoBowl displays the user’s emotional status via lighted patterns. Incase, the bowl glows red, it means the user needs to cool down, before he messes up a situation badly out of an intense emotion.
3. Heartbeat controlled iPod

While most of the previous entries alerts of your emotional state via lighted effects, this one responds to your mood, musically. It’s an iPod which is controlled by your heart rate. The embedded Kokoro Heart Sensor the iPod, senses your heart rate and play different type of music depending on the speed with which your heart beats.
4. Green cordless phone help you avoid ill-tempered talk

FuChat cordless phone senses your emotions and alerts you of your inner state via visual and audio effects. The concept phone saves you from making regretful calls over the phone, alerting you beforehand of your mood and current temperament. For instance, FuChat’s sensors will detect your emotional state from your voice tone and body temperature, and if it indicates that you’re stressed, annoyed or maybe over anxious, you may delay the call until you reconcile.
5. ILLUMIO mood lighting

The idea is of illustrating via LED lights, how a person feels when in a relationship, or when in a certain intense environment. The ILLUMIO features a curved surface with 16 holes and 4 light bulbs. Then, it reflects a person’s emotions through colors and brightness of lights.
6. Keep In Touch helps maintain personal relationships

“Keep In Touch” from Peak Product Design, in a way, alarms you if you’re not dealing with your relationships, the way you’re ought to. It’s a reminder to keep in touch with you friends and family. The gadget virtually reminds you that your real happiness lies in in the people you belong to. It works with internet and multimedia technology to wake you up to the ignorance that you might be showing to the people to whom you matter and vice versa.
7. Emotion Lab’s Screen Light

The Screen Light concept responds to your changing mood. Once you lower the different screens of the light, the adjustable window creates the perfect lighting to set your mood right.
8. The emotion-sensing Color Watch

Sara Forsmark’s Color Watch concept helps you break your inhibitions and decipher your emotions. It syncs with your computer and reflects the emotions of the wearer with varied colors - for instance, red is for anger or f it blinks pink, it would mean the user has been smitten by someone, and so on. Maybe wearing this watch one can better hold their emotion and open up without overdoing or rather tragedizing the situation.
9. Biofeedback StressWatch

As the name suggests, the biofeedback StressWatch helps you deal with stress, which may even be the emotional stress. It allows you track your heart rate and temperature and thereby prompts you to calm down in intense situation.
10. Touchman emotion-sensitive cell phones

The Touchman is by far the most virtuous emotion-sensitive gadget. It enhances your personal communication over phone with visual sharing of emotions. The phones could change color and activity in response to current moods.

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