Examples of Creative Nail Art

Stylish  fingernails  and the most unique  nail designs  from all over the world.

Stylish fingernails and the most unique nail designs from all over the world.

Mario Nails

Awesome nail art inspired by the Super Mario Bros. 3 video game. [link]

Diamond Nails

Katy Perry’s stylish manicure features nails covered in rhinestones. [link]

Pac-Man Nails

Nail art inspired by the characters from the popular arcade game. [link]

Glowing Nails

Fingernails that glow in the dark with get you noticed at a night club. [link]

Fast Food Nails

Unique nail art features brand names of popular fast food companies.

Bacon Nails

This delicious looking fingernail art was inspired by BACON. [link]

Binary Nails

Unusual manicure inspired by the binary numeral system. [link]

World Cup Nails

Why not support your home team with a set of cool flag nails? [link]

Christmas Nails

Fun manicure by Janet Riffe was inspired by Christmas holidays. [link]

Browser Nails

Internet inspired nail art created by Japanese blogger Mamipeko. [via]

Twitter Nails

Contemporary nail design dedicated to the Twitter nation. [link]

Spongebob Nails

SpongeBob SquarePants nail art created by Maria Katrina Tiong. [link]

Soft Drink Nails

Nail art by Janet Riffe features brand names of popular soda drinks. [link]

Zipper Nails

Stylish nails designed by Laura Sofiakoski feature a real zipper. [link]

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