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These days, there are a thousand options to be geeky within your home and office, and your friends and family get a geeky taste of your a...

These days, there are a thousand options to be geeky within your home and office, and your friends and family get a geeky taste of your abilities. Along with these geeky door mats, the entire world can now have the ability to join in with such home accessories outside and inside.

1. Binary coded mat

Door mats were never more fun! This binary coded door mat actually has the binary for welcome coded! Let your visitors learn binary coding before entering your home. If you want to be a geek in house decor, the pay is a bit high- this cool mat is available for $40.

2. IP address mat

To have the IP number on one’s doormat is imagination that has come from one geeky mind. Who ever has had this imagination, is sure to inspire a few more of the lot in having their doormats to be as geeky as ever possible. These Polypropylene surface mats are a perfect fit foe any geek’s home or office and is available for $39.99. And sure enough, it is going to get a few odd glances. After all, the world is not full of geeks!

3. Slide to open mat

The iPhone has inspired a long list of gadgets in its path to the most-talked-about status. This cool ‘slide to unlock’ mat is one in the list. Well, do not expect the door to be opened when you slide the mat, but be in a position to answer a few curious queries from your neighbors. Available at $50 from Meninos, the mat is a stylish choice for a mat.

4. ‘ENTER’ mat

An IP number mat and an iPhone mat. You can guess what is coming on the list next. Yes, it is a computer keyboard inspired mat. The ‘enter’ mat is more welcoming than a ‘welcome’ mat. There is also the ‘home’ option- who would have thought that keyboard keys can actually welcome guests home?

5. “Back Off” LED Space Invaders Door Mat

What would you do to keep those ‘uninvited guests’ out? Don’t crack your brain with such worries anymore- your mat will do it for you. This “Back Off” LED Space Invaders Door Mat is perfect to keep away them.  The mat comes with motion detectors that can sense human activity and give a glowing image of dancing space invaders which sure can scare any human. With 4 AAA batteries and tagged at $39.99, the mat serves its purpose loyally.

6. Pitfall mat

Let your guests not simply wipe their feet on your doormat! Let them have some fun with these pitfall doormats. Featuring scorpions and crocodiles from the game, these rubber mats are the best alternates for the boring ‘welcoming’ mats. As to how much the mat may serve its purpose, I doubt it as many would simply not wipe their feet on the mat in order to avoid a pixilated death.
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7. Man-hole cover mat

Designed to look like a man-hole cover, this mat is different in its colour pattern and shape. Well, being a city-being, this mat will give your home a kind of ‘city-effect’ to your place. And, more importantly, it is distinctive in a whole lot of other similar mats that are boring in their very look!
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8. Barcode mat

Inspired from a barcode, this geeky doormat has a cool design that keeps your place as unique as you. Whats more is that, this mat is made from recycled tire and so, it can satisfy the geek in you and the environmentalist in you!
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9. Doormat scales

Take your time in answering the calling-bell as your gusts are not going to be bored out there with this fun mat there. Available from Curiosite, these doormat scales will keep your visitors pre occupied with their health-issues and weight-loss giving you enough time to get yourselves ready to welcome them. Be sure that the mat gives correct weights, or they are going to skip visiting you all together!
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10. Put-together mat

Those tiny pieces can make a mat when they are put together! Personalize your mat with your own imagination. You can even think of putting your guests name in there to give a pleasant surprise even before you greet them!
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11. Alarm mat

This alarm mat is the result of out-of-the-world thinking to redefine the mat. This door (or floor) mat alarm is definitely going to wake you up as you need to put both your legs on it to shut down it. Containing pressure sensors, of course, it does not give an option to snooze your alarm! Well, this is what they say, practical thinking!
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12. Cassette Tape Doormat

It may be a bit retro in this day and age, but the Cassette Tape Doormat really brings up the good old days and lets us wipe our feet on such an old technological item.

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