Google Games: Google Invested In Zynga and Bought for Social Gaming!

It has been much talked about that Google has quietly invested a relatively large amount of money in the most popular and powerful socia...

It has been much talked about that Google has quietly invested a relatively large amount of money in the most popular and powerful social network game developer Zynga. The investment which is estimated to be between $100 to $200 million dollars was made by Google itself as part of its plan in getting into serious social gaming and apps strategy to counter the popularity of social networking site Facebook.

Zynga was apparently behind the success of Facebook and has turned this social networking site to what it is at present. It has been behind the most popular games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars that have captured the attention of millions and even encouraged non-Facebook users to register and log in just to play these games.
Zynga has started with $29 million several years ago and has successfully managed to increase it over the years. Tech blog Techcrunch even reported that it has almost reached half a billion by last year including a deal with Softbank.
Over the past few years, Zynga has managed to continue working on high level strategic business development deals that allows the rebuilding of a massive social graph which is currently controlled by Facebook at present and this is the same reason which makes it very attractive to companies such as Yahoo and Google who also wants the same success and popularity.

Zynga will apparently be Google’s cornerstone for its Google Games that will be launched by the end of this year. Zynga intends to give Google a true social graph that will highly encourage users to log-in and play its games. It will also not be surprising if Paypal will be replacing Google Checkout as the primary payment option since Zynga is Paypal’s biggest customer.
But neither Zynga nor Google had confirmed if the said deal really transpired between them. This partnership will suppose to bring Google off the ground in terms of social gaming. Zynga has also expressed some dissatisfaction with the terms being implemented by Facebook at present and rumored to be looking for alternative platforms. In fact, it has already collaborated with Yahoo and MSN and its collaboration with Google is rumored to be a bigger one.
Aside from this, Google has also bought for around $182 million just recently. Slide was founded by Paypal’s co-founder Max Lechvin and currently makes widgets to help people to express themselves. It enables users to create and personalize widgets which they can use on social networks as well as blogs.
Google seems to be really serious in getting into social gaming with its recent purchase of as well as its investment with Zynga. Definitely Google is making some serious move and trying to follow or even counter the popularity of Facebook. This partnership is definitely something big to look forward to.

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