Sony Ericsson FH Concept Phone: Specs and Release Date Unknown To Mankind

A lot of concepts have been coming out when it comes to mobile phones which are primarily intended to make mobile phones more exciting ...

A lot of concepts have been coming out when it comes to mobile phones which are primarily intended to make mobile phones more exciting and enjoyable to use. Concept phones have been always something that most people have been dreaming about since majority of these concepts have never been turned into reality. And one of these latest concepts is shown by the Sony Ericsson FH concept phone.

Apparently, Sony Ericsson has been trying to come out with new innovations to increase the popularity of its products. And just recently, designer Du Jun introduced the concept of having a fan-made flip phone that amazingly pivots vertically as well as horizontally under Sony Ericsson. This is called the Sony Ericsson FH which is a clamshell and rotator phone at the same time.
The Sony Ericsson has basically these 2 main features. Amazingly, its body can be divided into two halves, each part has been equipped with a touch display and it can even turn into one big screen just like in a tablet PC when it is in its unfolded state. Another one is its ability to interact wirelessly with each other, when split into two the phone also serves just like an intercom or walkie-talkie providing easy communication between the two parties at the end of each line.
The Sony Ericsson FH mobile phone appears to be merely a stylish concept phone. And it certainly offers more functionality than the usual and traditional handsets we have in the market. Although the concept is a little different from those mobile phones featuring reverse-flipping QWERTY keyboards, since it flips the phone itself vertically and horizontally using a pivot point.
Many people have been amazed by this concept phone especially upon seeing the photos showing its amazing features. But there were some who also wonders if it is really possible for this phone to pivot horizontally and vertically and if its two-display feature will be able to function well even when they are positioned side to side.
This concept phone definitely looks amazing and appealing and many will surely get impressed upon seeing its photos. But beyond its stylish looks and amazing design concept, we can’t help but wonder whether this concept phone is really possible or will just remain a concept phone like just the others.
We can’t deny the fact that technology has brought us a lot of amazing devices that seems to be impossible at first, so who knows this concept phone might really turn into reality in the future. Let’s just wait and see.

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