Ice Cream cones are not just to eat!

When its so hot, anyone love to have an icecream. if its cone ice, OMG!. But, Imagine there are so many products in the market same looks li...

When its so hot, anyone love to have an icecream. if its cone ice, OMG!. But, Imagine there are so many products in the market same looks like icecream cone. Just  have a look.

Ice Cream Lights

Now that you mention it, those energy efficient light bulbs do kinda look like soft serve ice cream. It's not just because we have a sweet tooth; in one of these sugar cone lights from Mixko, even a regular round bulb looks like a scoop of ice cream. These sweet light fixtures really light up our imaginations for possible uses like a candy themed kids room or a quaint kitchen with those cute wrought iron ice cream parlor table sets.

Ice Cream Radio

Although the ice cream looks more like dry wall spackle this radio, made in 1977, still plays beautiful static-y music like the day it was born. Made by Amico, the only sign of decay is the color of the ice cream itself which has faded from the purrfect strawberry pink on the inner side of the plastic to a dull brown rum raisin outside. The cone pulls out of the base so you can walk around pretending you’re eating it, a fun activity for some back in the day, especially those on roller skates. I remember thinking that there should be bases for real ice cream cones so people like me who licked slow to drag out the ecstasy of my favorite Pralines ‘n Cream wouldn’t have it dripping all over their hands. This is still my emergency radio in case of earthquakes.

Ice Cream cup

Cool and refreshing, this playful and sweet set of 4 small waffle cone ice cream cups will quickly bring to mind thoughts of fun and happy times. Give a set of 4 or give one cup per guest for variety and color to your reception decor. Made of delicately hand painted quality ceramic and decorated to look like an actual waffle ice cream cone, this favor is not only sure to bring a smile to your guests but also recall joyous memories of your special day. Packaged in a simple semi glossy ivory box. FDA approved. Each cup measures 3.75"H x 3.0"D. Another high quality favor by D'Lusso Home Collections. Case pack 36 Weight for set of 4: 2.25 lbs.

Ice Cream Pen

Now you dont need to worry whether your hungry or not. whenever you feel hungry, you can eat a piece of you cone ice cream pen. style is creative. but looks like its quite big when compare to other pens. for those who wants more than one color, it might suitable..

Ice Cream Table

Whenever you go to fast food shop, you might wait alot. but, no worries! free cone ice cream table is there to taste and its completely free.

Ice Cream Spoon

Here's the scoop... everybody loves ice cream and they're definitely going to love these unique and useful ice cream scoop favors! Each 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" utensil favor from Fashioncraft's Ice Cream Lovers' Collection has a sturdy silver metal scoop with a poly resin vanilla ice cream cone themed handle, detailed with colorful sprinkles and a waffle cone design. Each comes delightfully packaged in a clear topped box with a yellow, brown and white striped base, tied with a white organza ribbon and an attached chocolate and sprinkles themed "For You" tag.

Ice Cream Cap/hat

Well! I cant simply say what it is exactly looks like. just because of its look like cone ice cream, i have shared with you. 

Ice Cream Clothes

Nothing Else to Do..


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