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Now here’s undeniably something that could make you gasp out a “What?!” But don’t get us wrong, we’re not just making this up, because these...

Now here’s undeniably something that could make you gasp out a “What?!” But don’t get us wrong, we’re not just making this up, because these bra gas masks are real—question is, will it be here to stay? Various illnesses such as Swine Flu and national dangers such as alleged biological war fares had made gas masks so popular—in quite a negative way, because you know, when there’s a need forgas masks, there’s a threat somewhere. And you wouldn’t know when such emergencies would come. For the extra cautious individuals, it probably won’t matter to have a traditional gas maskhandy. But for those who don’t want to catch too much attention and be labeled as too paranoid, but still want to have something in case of an emergency then maybe they could consider the bra gas masks to save their noses (talk about discreet, huh?).

The bra gas masks should not be underestimated for it is actually an award winning piece of underwear—or rather, a public health item. Invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar of Illinois together with two others, Raphael Lee and Sandra Marijan of Chicago, the brassiere cum gas masks won the 2009 IgNobel Prize in the Public Health category. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Ig Nobel Prize is supposed to recognize the science inventions that could make us innocent people think and laugh at the same time. Now, the brassiere is up for grabs with the price tag of $29.95.

How could it exactly save your life in case of a biological war fare strike (or in case someone lets out gas so strong that you think you’ll just die merely smelling its vapor)? If you’re wearing it, you just need the talent to pull it out from the inside of your top. Then, once the bra is removed, its cups could be worn as two separate gas masks (so one for you, one for your boyfriend, or that hot guy in the subway whose number you’ve been wanting to get). Cover your nose and mouth with the brassiere cup, then pull the strap around your head and lock it. Now, you can breathe safely. And oh, you may want to put on a nice cologne, perfume or lotion before wearing it for a more pleasant breathing experience.

It is weird indeed. And you might be thinking “no way I’m gonna use a bra as a gas mask” or “I’m not yet that dumb” but come on, in case a real bio war fare should really strike, no one would really care if you’re wearing a rug or a bra against your nose and mouth just to save your life.

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