Gig Pack - Backpack Scooter

Designer  Gustavo Brenck designed the ' Gig Pack '  which is an i nnovative backpack that can be transformed in to a scooter in a...

Designer Gustavo Brenck designed the 'Gig Pack' which is an innovative backpack that can be transformed in to a scooter in a minute. The Gig Pack is a foldable kick scooter backpack integrated into a nylon backpack for the daily use, intended to be used to travel small and medium distances it is made of an aluminium structure attached to a nylon backpack. The scooter's rear end is folded to the inside of the backpack, but still you can use it to keep a lot of stuff inside, and there is also a notebook compartment. Getting on to a train, bus or metro with the scooter is now easy. Holds up to 90kgs riders and with large rubber wheels, holes on the track are no longer a concern.


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