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  ‘Split’ configures, like a well-organized student’s set of supplies, allowing users to take out th...

 ‘Split’ configures, like a well-organized student’s set of supplies, allowing users to take out the things they need and use, such as as mouse, keyboard, open etc. by taking out the standard hinge, ’split’ looks more like a book. by unifying the product and case (pouch), not only the case protects the product, but it also helps in the user interface allowing one to adjust the angle of the screen and support it simultaneously. ’split’ allows individuals to use the devices in a variety of of scenarios. when the laptop is in a bag, the user can control it by using a remote.
This Split seems more of a book than a laptop and is also protected by a case. Its futuristic design enables one to dissemble the machine to adjust it ergonomically for more ease in use and to take out only the components required. The user can adjust the screen angle and use other parts also according to his need. Split also enables you to control the laptop with a remote when it is kept in the bag. Thus, it allows use of simple functions like music or even using the hard drive like a database without taking out all the parts. It is very suitable for a number of user environments. 
 The 320 by 220 mm monitor can be used as a tablet PC as well. E-book reading along with the facility of a graphic pen for highlighting is also there. Split shows the future of laptops for sure. So the next time you feel like reading that favorite e-book, no need to take the entire machine out; simply use the monitor with the graphic pen. If you think, all this will look really geeky and gaudy, you are mistaken. The exterior resembles a woman’s handbag, that too a very stylish one. For all the fashion conscious ladies who carry the huge laptop every day, this is good news indeed. Moreover, exterior can be selected according to personal taste as well. All these awesome features make Split a new generation laptop for sure! FUJITSU design Dae Hoon Jung [via itecfuture]


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